Friday, October 7, 2016

White Clouds: Big Boulder Lakes: July 31st, 2015

Big Boulder Chain Lakes
The White Clouds are one of my favorite places to hike for a number of reasons; it's not crowded so you don't see many people, there's a lot of lakes in close proximity of each other, great fishing in almost every lake and beautiful views.
Gunsight Lake

Cutty out of Gunsight
I have been to the Big Boulder Chain once before but we just did an overnighter from Railroad Ridge into Tin Cup Lake and Gunsight Lake. The fishing was really good with really nice cutthroat out of Gunsight.
Dike Lake

Tin Cup Lake

Sheep Lake

Neck Lake

This year I wanted to hit all the lakes in the Boulder Chain so I was going to do three days and two nights. I started at Railroad Ridge and had someone move my vehicle to the trailhead at the bottom. Throughout my trip, I hiked to sixteen lakes saw numerous sheep and caught a lot of fish. The first day I hiked from Railroad Ridge to Gunsight, Dike, Tin Cup, Quartzite, Sheep, Neck, Slide, Cirque and camped that night at Sapphire Lake.
Big Boulder Chain
Cutty out of Cirque

Cirque Lake

The next day I hiked to Hook, Cove, Gentian, Boulder, Snow, Island and camped that night at Goat Lake. The whole trip was about 10 miles, I only saw a total of 4 people. My favorite lakes view wise were Sapphire and Island. And favorite lakes for fishing were; Gunsight, Cirque, Sapphire, Gentian and Snow.
Sapphire Lake

Hook Lake

Sapphire Lake

Cove Lake

Snow Lake

Boulder Lake
Island Lake
Goat Lake

Fishing at Goat Lake

Startrails at Goat Lake


  1. What did you use for fishing? Fly or spin fishing? Heading that way in a bit to fish and plan on fly fishing.

  2. Also, fantastic review, thank you so much! Cannot wait to get up there!