Saturday, October 22, 2016

Airplane to Arrowhead: July 2nd, 2016

Old Hyndman (Left), Hyndman Peak (Right)
I do a lot of crazy things in life and this is one of those crazy things. When I told my friend that I wanted to hit Airplane and Arrowhead in one day she asked me why would I want to kill myself. In this case, it wasn't anything near that but it just seemed like that on paper.
Old Hyndman Peak

Arrowhead Lake

Getting to Airplane is one of the hardest and most remote places to get to. Many people get lost trying to find it and the same thing with Arrowhead. Both are very hard lakes to navigate because of the steep area, rugged terrain and only about two miles of trail that really only helps you get up the valley. Airplane and Arrowhead lakes probably receive at the most ten people a year. The lake is not really well known and the risks do not outweigh the rewards at this point because the fishing at Airplane is really not that great, you are lucky if you might see any fish. However I'm very determined to catch a really nice Golden Trout, I caught a 16-17 inch fish last year just as the ice was coming off. On this trip, I was probably two weeks too early. When I got to Airplane it was too frozen and there weren't many places to fish. But the place that I did fish I was able to see a couple of Goldens around 12 inches. 
Airplane Lake

Airplane Lake

Instead of waiting at Airplane to catch a fish I headed over the ridge above Airplane to see if Arrowhead was frozen and if that was the case I was going to climb Hyndman Peak (12,009ft). When I got to the ridge I saw that Arrowhead lake was not frozen so the fishing was on. When I got to Arrowhead there were fish everywhere, so I threw on a black ant and slayed the fish. This was a really fun trip and it wasn't as hard as many seem to be so I would definitely do it again hoping to catch fish out of both lakes. Oh, on the way out I finally saw a mountain goat in Wildhorse after many years of looking for them.
Mountain Goat in Wildhorse Creek, Good Luck Finding Him


  1. Center of picture on little rock bluff?

  2. You talk a lot about using streamers in the lakes, which streamers do you prefer when fishing high mountain lakes?

  3. Great photos and blogs.
    What trail head did you go out of to get to Arrowhead Lake? Is the trail marked well? What is the latest part of the year to still be able to get there usually? Where can I get a trail map for Arrowhead?
    Thanks for your help.