Sunday, July 10, 2016

Upper Pahsimeroi: July 10th 2015

I have a lot of favorite lakes but this lake is probably at the top. What makes it my favorite is beautiful views and big trout, if I can get those two going for me I don't need much else in life. Even though this trip took place last year I can remember it very clearly. I had a great idea of bring a float tube to the lake so I could hit every spot on the lake. It would have been a great plan but my waders had a few minor hole in them and they leaked ice cold water from the lake. I couldn't last more then a few hours on the lake before I was cold. However I did hook into some of the biggest fish that the lake has, a couple of cuttys that were pushing 20 inches and were weighing pretty heavy. I also was able to catch a few goldens but none pushing that size.

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