Sunday, May 18, 2014

Swauger Lake: The Road Less Traveled

On Saturday the 17th Caden and I went to Swauger Lake, the lake is located on the backside of Mount McCaleb. We left my house at about nine in the morning with perfect day in front of us. After a few hours and one snow drift shoveled out we arrived a half a mile before the trailhead, do to the fact of a snow drift that I didn't see the need to plow through. When we started hiking we had the perfect temperature with a slight breeze. It probably only took us an hour and a half to hike two miles with the occasional snow drift peppered along the trail. When we reached the top of the ridge it was the moment of truth. The moment that decided if we were going to be able to fish today or not. When we got to the top and looked over we saw a big disappointment, the lake was frozen. But with a closer look some of the edges where a little thawed off, so that gave us hope. When we reached the lake the south side was completely frozen so I went ahead and walked over to the north side to see if I could see any fish along the edges. As I walked along the edges the grass that was in the lake was moving with tons of cutty's swimming out, from that moment on I knew we would be able to get into some fish. We ended up going to the biggest part of the lake that was thawed off the most and started throwing a few rocks in to break up the ice. After we let all the ice and fish settle while we set up our poles we were into the fish in the first thirty minutes. Throughout the day the lake continued to thaw off and we were presented with more places to fish. I eventually got tired of waiting for the fish to come to me so I walked around the bank until I saw a few swimming toward me. By the end of the day we both caught a number of fish all at different lengths ranging from 16 inches to 12 inches. It was definitely a good time to spend in the mountains catching up with a buddy.
Swauger from the Ridge
Swauger Lake

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