Sunday, July 19, 2015

The Hunt for Grayling: May 30th, 2015

Just getting out of school I was itching to get back home to fish but this early in the year I'm usually limited to a few spots such as the rivers which are going to be filled with rushing water and some lakes that are at lower levels that might be thawed off. With that in mind I decided to hit Mill Creek Lake that is located in the Little Lost drainage on the Lemhi Mountains.
Mill Creek Lake is a really short hike and has tons of Grayling that you can catch if you hit the right spots and use the right flies. I wanted to use my new float tube that I got over the winter but when I got to the trailhead there seemed to be a boy scout troop camping up there so instead I just took the bare essentials.
After arriving to the lake I sat down to grabbed a quick bite to eat and set up my pole. It didn't take very long until I hooked into some fish. This lake also has cutthroat that usually out number the Grayling but at the end of the day I only caught a few cutthroat with the Grayling summing up the rest of my catches. Fishing was really good with catch rates around 10 to 15 fish per hour. After awhile I decided to take out my Gopro and record some hook ups. The one spot that I came across where the water comes into the lake I was catching a fish on every cast, one video that I recorded I counted catching six fish in three minutes. Mill Creek Lake was a great place to fine tune my fish skills and get ready to enjoy another summer of fishing in Central Idaho.

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