Sunday, July 14, 2013

Lake X

Lake X from Last Year
On top of Mt. Idaho
So last week was a great week for me, on Thursday I climbed Mt. Idaho which stands at an elevation of 12,065 feet, my second twelver, and then on Saturday my dad decided that we should go to a lake and I said why not. We went to lake x for obvious reasons: reason one it holds monster cuttys that no one can seem to catch but a select few, reason two it holds big goldens that will someday have the state record in a few years, I guarantee it.

Because its such a long drive to the trail-head I wanted to leave early so we would have plenty of time to fish because you need to put in the hours to receive the results. I think we got to the lake around nine o clock and started working the usual spots that produced fish for us the past years but it wasn't paying off. As I continued to work around the lake I finally caught my biggest golden just off a snow bank. The golden was 17 inches and fat but nothing close to the state record, and if it was a state record I would still release it for someone else to catch.

After eating lunch I continued working a rock where I wasn't having any luck catching a golden, he would come up and hit the fly but he wouldn't strike it enough for me to set the hook and when I did set the hook he would keep getting off. Anyways I was determined to catch this golden by the rock, then one cast changed everything. I casted a little closer to the shoreline a bit farther away from the rock but I stripped it in anyways, soon and behold a hugh shadow came out of no where and engulfed my fly. The recap of the next few seconds was me screaming like a little girl and trying to get this pig to the bank before it got away. In the end I countine to find more and more reasons to love this lake, I won't name this lake or tell you where it sits for obvious reasons but I will gladly take you there for an awesome day of fishing.    


  1. I tried hitting some goldens this last summer. Sure have found them tough to catch. I hit Baker lake outside of Ketchum and Golden Trout Lake outside of Salmon. Saw some little guys hitting the top, but couldn't get them to hit my presentation regardless of how small I went on tippet. Any tips? Are you stripping leaches, or streamers, or fishing the top for these? Is there a better time of year? I was out mostly in mid-late August, seems a little later in the year than your post. Any advice would help. I've been totally skunked on three outings.

  2. Yeah, I have found that golden trout are really picky. I tried catching a monster one this year but came pretty close a few times and my friend found a died golden at a lake that was 18 inches which is pretty big for central Idaho. I found that works for me is to hit them either really early in the year when the ice is coming off the lake or in late September. I tired fishing for them in the middle of October this year and caught a few but it just wasn't as good as the end of September, I believe that they winter a little bit earlier than other trout. This year I have been mostly successful with streamers such as black and green bead-headed woolly buggers and leeches. I have also had some luck with grasshopper patterns and simulators.