Friday, April 5, 2013

St. George Trip

Razor Ridge Pond
Last week I was able to plan a trip with my family to St. George, Utah. We have always done this growing up but the trip started to fade away as family members have started their own families. Being the youngest and having three older sisters to look after me they pretty much planned the trip and all I had to do was show up and drive most of the way which was about a 9 hour drive.

Before the trip I had a few ideas of where I could get into fish but was only going to plan on fishing one day so I wanted to try and hit a few spots and not spend all my time on one place. A few of the spots in mind were; Quail Creek Reservoir, a few ponds scattered around town, Sand Hollow Lake and Baker Lake. With those spots in mind, I decided on fishing in the morning at Razor Ridge Pond (that was a couple of miles from where I was staying) and then in the afternoon hit up Quail Creek Reservoir when the water temps were warmer and the fish might be more active.

Fishing at Razor Ridge was what I had expected, loaded with people and not the prettiest looking fish but all in all it was built for town people looking for a fishing experience. I caught one Rainbow about 16 inches right off the bat but it was not a photo worthy fish. It was the only one I caught that day but the pond was still a good place to help my dad practice his double haul. Quail Creek was one fishery I was really excited about because I've heard that there is some huge bass that live there and a Utah State Recorded that proves it. I tried fishing last year there but didn't have any luck and this year wasn't any different. I even tried scouting out some different spots using Google Earths database. It was a bust, we didn't get any hits or didn't even see any bass but it was still worth a try and just a good time to get out and have a few adventures with the old man.

Quail Creek

Trying to rob some fish of their dignity

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