Sunday, July 10, 2016

Boulder Creek Loop: July 17th 2015

The Little Things In Life
My friend has been fishing with a Tenkara Rod, its a Japanese fly fishing technique, and has finally converted me to it after I tried it a few times. I broke down and bought one so I needed to put it to the test.
What I really like about the Tenkara Rod is that its a very simple set up. What it consists of is a telescoping rod that comes out to 13ft, 12ft of line that attaches to the tip of the rod, a few feet of tippet and a small box of flies. Its a perfect set up for me because I like to go lightweight in order to hit a lot of lakes in a small amount of time.

The lakes that I had in mind where Boulder Lake and Washington Lake as well as a side lake that isn't named but holds fish which I think should be called George since its close to Washington Lake. The trip would be about a 10 mile hike hitting and fishing those lakes.
Putting the Rod to the Test


I had a hard time figuring out how to set the hook with a more lighter and sensitive rod but once I got it down I caught quite a few fish. Overall the rod held up really well even with some bigger size fish which I was impressed by. It was a great day to be out in the mountains even if the weather wasn't ideal.

Washington and Boulder Lake

Cutthroat at Boulder Lake


  1. Just happened across your blog and I'm impressed. The fish you catch make backcountry trout in the Sierra Nevada look puny! Anyway, just wanted to say hey. I'm in Seattle now and am happy exploring the backcountry lakes of the Washington Cascades, but I'd love to make it out to Idaho someday. Thanks for letting me live vicariously through your adventures!

  2. Scott, came across you site while scouting for a trip to Boulder Lake. It looks as if you have been there more than once. Is it possible to access Washington from Boulder by traversing(and climbing )the bowl to the west? Or best to drop back down into the valley?

    1. You can access Washington Lake from Boulder by going though the bowl and up over the ridge from the west,.